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According to ASPCA guidelines, regular grooming is essential for your pet’s wellbeing. Neglecting it can lead to painful matting and other health risks.

Grooming Prices

Indulge your furry friend with our signature grooming services that feature, shampoo & conditioner, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, nail trimming, sanitary trimming, and a routine haircut.

Small Breed

Full Service All

$95 - $120

Medium Breed

Full Service All

$115 - $140

Large Breed

Full Service All

$135 - $160

Extra Large Breed

Full Service All



Full Service All


Above &

Is your fury friend a little extra? No problem, Espaco has some offerings
for them special ones!

Breed Cuts, and Stylish Cuts

Custom cuts for every dog
breed and style

Fresh Breath Treatment

Vet recommended treatment foam on your dogs teeth and gums to help kill germs that cause bad breath, gingivitis

Extra De-Matting/De-Shedding

Say goodbye to excessive shedding and knots

Anal Gland Expression

Relieve discomfort with professional gland expression

Doggy Facial

Pamper your pet with our blueberry facial - a tear-stain removing and skin-conditioning treat that leaves their face looking radiant!

Nose & Paw Treatment

Relaxing moisturizing treatment that will keep their paws and nose soft and supple

Love this pet grooming service! Was recommended by a friend and I am glad I took my husky here. He needed some serious deshedding as well as trimming his nails. My dog doesn't get along with everyone but Bashir was able to gain Sky's trust. After losing all those hair, he is all handsome, and will definitely plan to take him back again for his future grooming.

Kamyar C

San Jose, CA

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